3D Printing Medical Models News Release

 NEWS RELEASE - February 4, 2016 @ 3 P.M.                                                           

Northernchem Research & Development releases 3D human organ model technologies from their Niagara Falls, ON Canada headquarters on Thursday, February 4, 2016     

3D Printing - Life Saving Medical Technology at Northernchem Medical Models and Parts 3D Printing

Northernchem Inc. from their research and development headquarters in the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada released the news on February 4, 2016 of their new capabilities of producing human organ models using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology.  Dr. Jun Pang, founder of Northernchem and President has led his research team of scientists to generate models to assist in advancing physicians knowledge prior to surgeries. “3D printing is a revolutionary technology in the world” said Dr. Jun Pang.

3D human organ models are generated using digital data obtained from advance image techniques, including x-ray radiography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) and medical ultrasonography.  Scans taken from individual patients are converted into 3D polymer models that mimic human tissue using the 3D printer.  This would provide surgeons with an opportunity to practice a surgery on the individual patient model before performing the real surgery on a patient.  This plays a crucial role in surgical planning for cardiovascular and neuro surgeries and in turn, would help to increase the success rate of surgery results.  With 3D printing medical parts, we can let our patients feel that his heat is in good care. Another function is for the medical school and education of future doctors’ education, it is very important to let them practice on 3D printing medical models on some complicate cases.commented Mr. Ben Su, Biomedical Discovery Commercialization Scientist.

The 3D printer works by jetting polymeric materials layer-by-layer and solidifying the individual layer’s using UV light.  The final 3D printed model would have texture, colour and flexibility similar to human tissue. Northernchem uses Object260 dental selection 3D printer’s from Stratasys, which uses polyjet technology to create 3D models.  In the Niagara Falls facility their leading scientists are capable of producing patient specific flexible organ models such as heart, kidney, liver, lungs, brain and rigid bony elements such as skull and mandible. 

The models may also be used in medical teaching hospitals for medical students training.  Organ models can be incorporated into the doctor’s consultation with their patient. 

Dr. Pang was joined by Mayor Jim Diodati who said, “What’s exciting about 3D Printing is that it is here, now, in our City.  This is literally state of the art, leading edge technology that Northernchem is putting in to practice and we are proud to host them in our City.”


About Dr.Jun Pang: Dr. Pang holds a post-doctoral from Queen’s University (Queen’s University Distinguished Alumni) and Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Sciences (President Scholarships and Outstanding Graduate of CAS). He was also honored with a scholarship from ExxonMobil. Dr. Pang was the Co-Chairman of the 2014 International Drug Discovery Science and Technology board. Dr. Pang has more than 25 year’s of hands-on experience and business connections in: drug design, synthesis, characterization, efficacy, formulations, industrial production, international market development and other fields. Dr. Pang is the guest editor of internationally renowned academic journal: Current Organic Chemistry, and has published 36 high-level papers in Angew Chem, International, Current Organic Chemistry, Journal of Material Chemistry, etc. Dr. Pang also owns seven patents, six of which have been industrialized with one in U.S. and five in China.

About Northernchem Inc.: Headquartered in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Northernchem Inc. is a Canadian high-tech chemical and pharmaceutical company, providing quality products and research and development. Our business includes (1) New drug R&D (2) New technology for generic drugs (3) Pharmaceutical intermediates (4) Natural & health products (5) 3D printing of medical models and parts. Our current R&D is focused on: neurological drugs, anti-cancer drugs, stem cells and accelerators, new technologies for generic drugs, and nano-formulation development. We have achieved substantive results and our new discoveries are on a path that is leading to promising new type of drugs.

Annually, we have accomplished approximately ten significant breakthroughs in new technologies for generic drugs. Additionally, more than three hundred new pharmaceutical intermediates are being designed and synthesized each year. Currently, we have published 12 peer-reviewed papers, as well as own and applied 7 patents. We have state-of-the-art laboratories including: organic synthesis lab, analysis lab, cell line lab, formulation lab, 3D printing lab as well as our pilot scale and production workshop. We have international collaborations with more than 150 institutions, including universities, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies in United States, Canada, China etc.

Our products will be on display during the 99th Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition (Booth #108) in Halifax held from June 5th-9th, 2016. Additionally, our products will be on display at the American Chemical Society’s 251st National Meeting and Exhibition (Booth #1536) in San Diego from March13th-17th , 2016 and  American Chemistry Society’s 252nd National Meeting and Exhibition (Booth #436) in Philadelphia from August 21st-25th, 2016. Further information can be provided by calling our toll free number at: 1-800-678-6519, email, or visit